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Our Family

Barry Tauch

Owner & Founder

Olivia Tauch


Heather McElroy

Vice President

Zachary Williamson

General Manager

Sonia Lopez

Kevin Krueck

Store Manager (Medical Center)

Hank Luecke

Store Manager (Vineyard)

Jimmy Villarreal

Store Manager (Huebner)

Carlos Rodriguez

Store Manager (Bandera)

Alex Aceves

Assistant Store Manager (Bandera)

Jacob Johnson

Assistant Store Manager (Vineyard)

Janie Gonzalez

Senior Staff Counselor (Huebner)

Rene Zamora

Senior Staff Counselor (Bandera)

Brenda Valadez

Staff Counselor (Medical Center & Huebner)


Staff Counselor (Huebner)

Lexi Orona

Staff Counselor (Vineyard)

Gage Glasgow

Staff Counselor (Medical Center)

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However in the event something big happens we'd love to let you know!


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