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If you are looking for a friendly neighborhood Vitamin and supplement shop, then Cost Plus Nutrition is the place for you.

In the ever-expanding world of alternative health, there are countless products to choose from and numerous shops to go to to get them.

In the last few decades, the market for alternative health products has become flooded with an endless amount of information–much of which is confusing and contradictory. Additionally, there are more products dumped on us with each passing season, and many of them are trendy or designer pills that are a temporary fad rather than useful for health and prevention.

That makes it incredibly difficult–and frankly, quite intimidating–for the average person to navigate through all of this information and to know what products best suit their needs and will help them reach their desired results.

Does that sound familiar? Have you ever had information overload when it comes to finding the best product for your nutritional needs?


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There are so many vitamins and supplements to choose from, How can you tell the difference?

Imagine if you had a friend, who had decades of experience in the health and nutrition field. A special friend that only had your best interest in mind, and whom you could visit any time that you had a question. Would that kind of friend be a valuable resource for You?

We have gathered the most experienced group of staff in the vitamins and supplements industry!

Our staff members all come from backgrounds in health, nutrition, sports or extensive experience working in the alternative health industry.

As soon as a customer walks into our store, they will find friendly team members who are sure to spend as much time as needed with them to educate them on the knowledge and solutions that meet their specific concern

– even if only going off an online ad or a vague suggestion from a friend.

This caring attitude that our team members have for customers is what sets us apart from other health stores. We treat each of our customers like family.
The staff does not work on commission like many of our competitors; so you can trust their suggestions as being sincere in their attempts of finding you the best products to keep you healthy and meet your goals.

Our friendly staff does not work for commission, so you know their recommendations come from the heart!

In addition to a knowledgeable and caring team, Cost Plus Nutrition has a wide selection of vitamins and supplements that support health and well being.

We also carry everything you need to get to work on your fitness goals, lose or gain weight, and even a selection of food and alternative health items, all at a price that is up to 40% less than traditional vitamin and supplement stores.

Founded in 1989 Cost Plus Nutrition is San Antonio’s largest and most trusted vitamin and supplement store. For over twenty years we’ve been a community resource that millions of San Antonians and their families had turned to when they needed nutritional guidance.

So why are you waiting? Stop by one of our five conveniently located shops to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members today! We are looking forward to guiding you along your health journey.

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