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Double-Potency Fish Oil Pure – At Irwin Naturals, we believe that Fish Oil and Vitamin D are two of the most important dietary supple­ments that every person should be taking for daily health maintenance.* Double-Potency Fish Oil Pure brings together these two powerful ingredients into one daily wellness formula.*

  • Double Potency: Most fish oil products contain relatively low amounts of EPA and DHA. That’s why we developed a higher potency and more cost-effective formula that delivers twice the amount of Omega-3 per gram of fish oil.
  • Purity and Freshness: Our fish oil has been “molecularly distilled” to eliminate contami­nants. We believe that no other purification technique is as effective when it comes to removing harmful toxins from fish oil. We guarantee the purity and freshness of our fish oil.
  • Enhanced with Vitamin D3: This formula delivers a full 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 per serving. Vitamin D3 is emerging as one of the most important nutrients for the body.*

Compared to 1,000 mg of standard fish oil.

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