Insulin Mimickers: Feed Your Muscles

Do you know what’s funny about glucose?

Glucose can’t enter your muscles without insulin, even though it’s your body’s primary source of energy. In other words, you can eat all the carbs in the world, but if you don’t have enough insulin… Your muscles won’t get any of that. Sorry, Bro, no gains for you.

That’s why some bodybuilders resort to insulin injections, seeking to fuel their muscles with glucose to boost endurance and growth. This approach may sound like something perfectly logical, but it comes at a price: external insulin signals your body to produce less of its own insulin. Shutting down your own production of insulin essentially means driving yourself into diabetes.

Luckily, there is a class of substances often called ”insulin mimickers.”

As the name implies, they have roughly the same effect as insulin—but without the nasty diabetes side effects.

Essentially, insulin mimickers drive more nutrients from your blood into your muscles, where they can be used to fuel movement, enhance recovery, and promote growth. Alternatively, some of them can boost the power of your own insulin.

What insulin mimickers are most often included in pre-workout blends (PWBs)?

Do you need insulin mimickers in your pre-workout?

If you have healthy insulin levels and enough patience to wait for the gains to come your way naturally, you’ll be just fine without insulin mimickers in your life. However, if you’re up for some faster results and easier gains, it’s recommended to try out this group of ingredients and check if they work for you.

To Be Continued…

-The Cost Plus Nutrition Team