Got Gas? Here’s Why- And How You Can Stop it.

Gas, belching, flatulence and bloating are normal reactions of the body, but sometimes they occur excessively and become uncomfortable. Here are some factors that contribute to the worsening of these symptoms.

Belching – excessive gastric air

The air we swallow during our meals along with carbonated drinks like soda or beer can generate excessive gastric air. Also, we can ingest excessive air due to gum chewing or poorly fitting dentures. The accumulation of excessive air in the stomach and small bowel will lead to bloating and flatulence. Then, the body will get rid of the excess through burping and belching.

You can reduce this unpleasant reaction of the body by eating and drinking slower, eliminating chewing gum and carbonated drinks from your diet and also by checking your dentures. Taking a short walk after your meal will help.

Flatulence – Accumulation of gas in the intestines

Flatulence is a normal process of the body, but when in excess it becomes embarrassing and frustrating. It is usually caused by undigested food in the small intestine or colon. The digestion and fermentation of these foods in the bowel and small intestine can cause flatulence. Another cause is the inability of the digestive system to break down some components like gluten or sugar in fruits and dairy products.

Other causes of flatulence:

  • Celiac disease
  • Lactose or fructose intolerance
  • Residues of food in the colon
  • Carbohydrates absorption difficulties that affect good bacteria

Reduce flatulence by eliminating certain foods like mushrooms, onions, cabbage, lentils, beans, broccoli, and carbonated drinks. To see which one causes flatulence, you might want to eliminate one at a time. Also, you should notice if when consuming sugar-free products and dairy products, flatulence increases. If so, try to eliminate these foods. Fat foods contribute to slower digestion and give time for fermentation. If possible, consume less fatty foods.

Bloating – not completely understood

Bloating is not entirely understood but seems connected to the accumulation of gas/liquid in the stomach, colon or small intestine. The build-up of tissue, air, or fluid buildup within the abdomen is also related to bloating. Because any of these conditions can produce the symptom so you might want to check which one is causing the bloating.

Help your body function better

These processes of the body are natural but disturbing when they occur too often and when they become severe. Sometimes you need to help the means of your body run smoothly, and some supplements can do that.

To maintain or restore the health of your digestive system, you should consider probiotics. Adding probiotics in your diet and eating foods that help good bacteria grow will make a huge difference. If you consume carbohydrates and dairy products, then you must supplement with probiotics to keep the levels of good bacteria balanced.

gas stopping probiotic

You may consider giving this one a try.


One of the culprits behind flatulence is the inability of the digestive system to break down components in certain foods like lactose or gluten (found in various products). When the body does not produce enough digestive enzymes, we must take it as a supplement. Most of the times, we do not provide enough digestive enzymes, and this is the cause of various health issues. Supplementing with enzymes will make a difference when it comes to your overall health and if you are struggling with digestive problems.

peppermint gels that work for gas

We recommend NOW Peppermint gels.


A very effective natural remedy for digestive problems is peppermint as a tea or softgel as it not only soothes an upset stomach, it also disperses accumulated gas. The dispersion of collected gas will reduce the bloating. Another quality of this fantastic natural remedy is that it improves digestion by increasing the secretion on gastric juice.

So in closing, if you want to eliminate or reduce gas consider the following: take a probiotic or enzyme with your heavy meals. Chew your food thoroughly and do not gulp down water and air while you eat. And if you feel the first rumblings of gas… hurry and take a peppermint softgel.

Let us know how that works for you. We’re here to answer any questions that you may have and are looking forward to seeing you

-The Cost Plus Team

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