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At Cost Plus Nutrition, we believe that our knowledgeable employees are the backbone to our success.

When you enter one of our stores, you not only get a friendly face to greet you, but you can also be assured that each of our employee partners will be able to answer your questions about your specific needs. We will also link you to specific documents in printed form or online that can help you learn about the best solution for your proper nutritional supplements.

"We're not just a store,
we're a pool of knowledge."

Your Health Is Our Number One Priority Cost Plus Nutrition has been helping people help themselves since 1998. What can you expect to find when you visit one of our five stores in San Antonio? Here are a few clues: 1) Attitudes grounded in the belief that the body is capable of healing itself to a much greater degree than what is insinuated by the overwhelming amount of pharmaceutical driven ads. 2) Science-based suggestions centered on an orthomolecular nutritional approach which supports health at the cellular level. As Linus Pauling, PhD and two-time Nobel Prize winner said, ÒFirst of all you must have all the necessary partsÓ, meaning that without nutrients, the body canÕt do its job. 3) Information distilled from the most progressive and innovative minds in natural medicine. 4) Free and abundant literature to corroborate and clarify our recommendations. We maintain a data base of thousands of articles. 5) Web comparable prices. Our every day low prices insure that there is very little difference between our prices and even aggressive internet marketers. 6) Hard to find products from all over the world. 7) A mature and well-educated staff that listens and responds to your questions. The associates at Cost Plus Nutrition are on salary and never given incentives to sell. Their only motivation is making sure you are totally satisfied with your shopping experience.

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